PE & Fund Accounting Services

Our private equity (PE) & fund accounting involves a set of specialized activities aimed at managing and accurately reporting the financial transactions and performance of a private equity fund. These activities help ensure transparency, compliance, and effective decision-making.

  • Track and record capital contributions from investors into the fund. Calculate and process distributions to investors based on fund performance and investment exits.
  • Monitor and manage the fund's cash flow, including inflows from contributions, investment returns, and outflows for expenses and distributions.
  • Prepare accurate and comprehensive financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. Generate investor reports detailing fund performance and investment activity.
  • Allocate expenses among various funds and portfolio companies in accordance with fund agreements. Ensure proper expense categorization and reporting.
  • Calculate and distribute carried interest (profit share) and performance fees to fund managers based on predefined terms. Calculate and allocate management fees based on fund agreements, often as a percentage of committed capital.
  • Calculate distribution waterfalls, which outline the order and priority of distributions to different stakeholders (e.g., preferred return, carried interest).
  • Generate investor statements and reports detailing capital contributions, distributions, fund performance, and tax-related information. Respond to investor inquiries regarding financial performance, capital transactions, and other fund-related matters.
  • Calculate and report the fund's net asset value, which represents the fair market value of its assets minus liabilities. Reconcile fund-level balances, including cash, investments, and liabilities, to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Coordinate and assist with external audits to ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulatory requirements. Provide necessary documentation and information to auditors.
  • Provide necessary financial data and documents for tax reporting and compliance purposes, including partnership tax returns (Form 1065) and investor tax statements (K-1s).
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